MA(Cantab) MBBS MRCGP Dip Clinical Derm
Dr Amy Hermon-Taylor is a doctor (GP) from Clapham in London, UK and is the daughter of Prof. Hermon-Taylor. Amy does not suffer with IBD herself but grew up with the fight to cure Crohn’s Disease as a topic of daily conversation. In gaining a degree in Natural Sciences (Cambridge 1996), a degree in Medicine (St. George’s Medical School, London 2001) and subsequently reading the literature on MAP in Crohn’s Disease extensively for herself, she has come to have a good understanding of the science underpinning the Vaccine research -as well as the integrity of the man behind it.

“I strongly believe that MAP is the cause of Crohn’s Disease. With emerging new evidence in the pipeline from my father’s lab and from other leading experts worldwide, I suspect that this ‘hypothesis’ will become ‘accepted fact’ within the wider medical community in the next 3 years. If my father is right, then the cure for 5 million people worldwide is just sitting in a freezer in a research Institute.”

Unable to stand the injustice of this any longer, Amy decided to get involved personally in June 2013, by raising awareness and funds to help bring the vaccine from the lab to the clinic. One year and two marathons later –thanks to wonderful support from the Crohn’s Community across the world as well as friends and family- she has raised almost £15,000. But more is still needed.

“Please join us! Help spread the word and raise the funds. Together we can make this happen!”