Crohn’s Controversy: Cause, Vaccine and Anti-MAP Therapy

Many thanks to Phil Nicholson for this video which we first shared on Facebook way back in January 2015. It is a masterclass in presenting some really difficult information about MAP in a very clear way.

An Artist’s Journey into Parkinson’s Disease

Richard Melvin’s documentary is about his journey through Parkinson’s, but it has some very informative detail on MAP and Crohn’s Disease. This is the first section; the second follows on immediately afterwards.

Crohns and Colitis UK “Me and IBD 2013 – Rick Parfitt Jnr”

A lovely testimonial to our prof! Thank you for your kind words, Rick. And you do a very passable impression of him too (at 11 mins 50 secs in) !

Prof Marcel Behr, “Crohn’s: autoimmune or infectious disease?”

Dr Behr states that the postulates for determining whether a disease is autoimmune have not been met for Crohn’s Disease. “If you are suspected of having Crohn’s Disease, nobody orders an autoimmune antibody panel [test] that secures the diagnosis.”  There is no direct evidence that Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease; there is merely indirect evidence, such as the beneficial effect on symptoms of anti-inflammatory drugs. However, these same drugs are used to treat infections. This is a thought provoking lecture.




Professor Tom Borody’s (2008) excellent video series.
In this first part, he talks of being inspired by Professor John Hermon-Taylor and his own subsequent development of the triple antibiotic therapy for Crohn’s Disease. He also asserts that Koch’s postulates have been met – in other words, he is convinced that MAP is the proven cause of Crohn’s Disease. Whether you agree or not, it is certainly worth listening to all nine parts of the videoed interview.

Fascinating stuff.


” It’s a bit like going out in daytime and looking up at the blue sky and saying: ‘Show me the stars.’
‘I can’t see any stars.’
‘Then they are not there, are they.’ ”

In this short radio interview, Professor Borody explains in simple terms about the need to treat MAP infection rather than merely addressing inflammation, and also talks about the Redhill trial, a single pill combining anti-MAP antibiotics.

He describes it as the beginning of a renaissance in research into a bacterial cause for Crohn’s, calling the current belief system ‘closed’ simply because MAP is not easily detectable.


Part 1 CROHN Vs M.A.P. Interview John Hermon Taylor

Is MS caused by a bacteria?  Can MS be treated with antibiotics?  Watch this Catalyst, ABC, Australia segment to find out more!