What if Professor John Hermon-Taylor is right and the much needed answer for 4 million Crohn’s sufferers has been sitting in the freezer at Kings College London?

There is compelling evidence that Crohn’s Disease is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). A treatment Vaccine against MAP is ready to go to human trials. This is currently the only treatment on the horizon which offers the hope of a cure for Crohn’s Disease, rather than temporary remission. The issue of whether Crohn’s is caused by MAP has divided the medical community for the last 101 years. For the sake of millions of people who live with the devastating effects of Crohn’s Disease, and their families, we must end the controversy now, either way, by doing a trial of the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine in humans.

Ongoing funding is sought to complete the development of the new MAP test and to support the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine phase 1 human trial, now underway at The Jenner Institute. PLEASE contact us if you are interested in donating towards the new MAP test or investing in the vaccine – and potentially a better life for millions of people currently suffering from Crohn’s Disease.